What have been some of the highs, what have been some of the struggles, the successes, the challenges?

So how do you handle the grouping with that wide of a range of ages that you are dealing with?

How do you handle direct instruction when you have kids in so many different places?

How do you monitor where the kids are at and how do you assess what their needs are?

What have you seen as far as the kids who embrace this well and kids who have trouble?

What’s your thinking with the students right now?

What advice would you give to teachers on the transition? What do they need to tackle first?

What took a lot of that work?

How is this different than a traditional room?

What’s made it worth it? Why go to all this effort?

Tell me a little bit about how you use rubrics as opposed to maybe more traditional grading systems?

So the emphasis is less about grades as a motivator and more about the building blocks of learning?

Sounds like you’re not really so focused on pace, it’s more about depth?

I think one of the hesitations of teachers getting into this is that some kids will just get further and further behind, Do you have that struggle?

What’s the difference in the relationship between teacher and student? How is this different than in the traditional setting?

How has the role of the teacher changed?

For those who would be skeptical about the very wide range of ages working together in your classrooms, how would you answer that?

Is there something you wish we would have talked about?