When you look at this first year, what has been the biggest adjustment for you? What has been most startling or hardest for you to get used to in a customized environment?

With customized, you have some options on how fast you go through materials. Do you have also some options of choice or areas where you get to say “I would rather do this part rather than this part?” Do you have any choice options?

When you look at this customized environment, how is your relationship with the teacher different?

If students are at their own pace and moving, is everyone completely individualized or are there times when you actually work in small groups with other students?

I think sometimes teachers, or even adults or parents, get nervous about the idea of students being more responsible in handling their pace that students will just squirrel away the time and get behind and never get caught up. How do you deal with that?

How do teachers give you feedback that you are doing okay? What does it look like?

Sometimes I think people think that customized learning is great for the kids who want to go through fast but it’s going to be really bad for the slow kids. Do you see the same way?

Do you find this system allows you to spend more time to learn it right? Do you find yourself thinking about your own learning more in this kind of environment?

It’s a different system than what your parents are used to. How do they embrace this? Is it okay, is it something they are nervous about?

Say you are the superintendant of the school district and you want to take this even farther. What is it that you would do to make customized learning even more embedded than what you do right now, or what is the next stage that the school should be doing that they’re not doing now?

Sometimes you hear people say that teachers really aren’t teaching now, but in some ways it’s hard to communicate that they are just teaching a different way. How would you explain to someone that the way teachers are working with you is still teaching? Would you say that you feel a little bit more of a partnership with teachers in this environment than the traditional?

If you were given the option to stay in this personalized learning environment or go back to traditional classroom, what would your choice be?