What’s something that you are currently working on converting from traditional to customized and how are you approaching that?

How do you challenge all kids but yet still make sure that they are in a place where they need to be if they’re not all there at the same time? Is that a struggle?

You mentioned chemistry was one of your later ones. What were some of the early ones that you found were easier to customize? Biology

When you look at where you are now with customizing and moving the students forward, what things do you struggle with? What makes it hard to customize for you?

Are there certain structures in the school system that are still barriers to you really taking customization down this road except for this. Are there things that are in the way?

If you were to give advice to other schools or teachers, how do you help parents understand? Are there things that you really should focus on the most with talking with parents?

From the role of the teacher, I think most people have recognized teachers need to be not so much in the role as deliverer of information. What is our role then? What is the transition you see for yourself?

So much of education and the role of feedback has been more summative. How do you structure it so that assessment is more formative in helping the students move forward?

So much of customized learning revolves around mastery-based or competency-based learning or the idea that we move students forward after they master the material, not just on a time-based schedule. How do you determine now what to master What’s the chunk that they need to demonstrate mastery?

What learning have you had to do to make changes to customize? What have you had to do to be a self-directed learner?

How do you deal with kids when they are struggling and how do you get them past that in an environment where, because it’s customized, you want to try to get them to mastery and not just gloss over it and we’re going to move on regardless. How do you deal with the kids that suddenly become the tortoise, they can’t move as fast as you want? Is that difficult?