Where do you struggle with customized learning?

What have you done with the schedule here? How have you changed things?

With that environment then, are you still pretty grade-level oriented or are you able to mix kids that aren’t necessarily by grade?

If your role is changing where you have less delivery of information, how do you deliver information? How do you get to direct instruction?

How do you handle the flexible grouping, it has to be a little bit maddening to deal with students who are together on this but now all of a sudden they’re not. How do you manage making sure you get kids with the right kids?

Tell me more about your assessment. How has that evolved or changed over time?

Do you find some students embrace customized learning more than others? Are there some that struggle with customized learning?

I think some people perceive that the customized learning is only best for the top kids.

From your standpoint, how do you communicate the teacher pace? You hear the reference of teacher pace, how to make sure students don’t get too far behind. How do you determine that and communicate that with kids?

You hear often the terms “voice and choice”. We need to give students “voice and choice”. In what ways have you found that you can give students more voice and choice in what they do?

When you look at student interest, how do you find ways to allow their interests to become part of their work?

WIs there a particular piece of content right now that you are kind of in the process of transferring from the traditional that you are converting to customized and struggling?