Tell us a little bit about your schedule and what it looks like.

Do you have much choice in what you do or is it pretty laid out for you?

How do they help you know that you are going down the right path or doing the right kind of level of work?

When you look at this environment with customized learning, how does that affect your relationship with the teacher?

What have you learned about yourself and how you learn?

Is your collaboration with other students more organized by you or is it sometimes teacher-directed?

Do you feel pressure to get through a volume of material or do you feel that you have some flexibility to actually go into more depth on certain topics?

If you were to give advice to teachers who were wanting to go down the customized learning road, what advice would you give to teachers?

Do you find for yourself that the content is motivating by itself or do you need pressure from the teacher, this teacher paced idea, to keep you where you need to be? What keeps you from getting behind?

What do your parents think about all of this? Do they understand this?

Is there anything I should have asked you about customized learning that we missed??

Through all of this I bet you’ve had some ups and downs, but what would you say over the 2 years have been some of the highlights or most exciting for you?

What technology do you use here and now does it work for you in helping you be self-directed?

Thinking ahead towards college and your career path and being a lifelong learner, how do you think this learning environment is beneficial?

Would you ever want to go back to traditional?