Where are areas where you feel like you have more freedom than you would in a traditional setting?

If you work longer on something now are you always behind or do you find that you can find ways to catch up?

From your standpoint, are there times when you have student voice or student choice? Do you have opportunities for choice or is it still kind of limited?

In a more traditional setting you might get a percentage grade with things you’ve done over time and maybe just a summary grade at the end. How you get feedback in this type of environment?

In the process of the feedback, what is the relationship with the teacher like?

Sometimes it’s hard for parents to really understand this because it’s different. Where were your parents? Was this something that was hard for them?

In a customized environment, is a possible for a kid who just doesn’t feel like working to actually succeed in that environment?

Some people perceive that customized learning is only best for the top kids or the other kids who are already succeeding. Are there kids other than that do well in this environment?

If you were the superintendent, what things would you change with the current system to make it even better?

What in your mind makes a good customized learning teacher?

What kind of personal skills do teachers need in this environment?

Sometimes people say that in this environment the kids are so isolated, they are off doing their own thing and teachers don’t teach anymore. What is your response to that?