Unit 3 Activity 2 - Assigning from documents other than Google

When you are assigning work on documents other than Google, say Microsoft Word, there is a bit of a difference in the way you turn it in. (There may be a very good reason for keeping Word formatting, like using columns.)

When a student is assigned Word, they are required to download the document to their computer to keep it in Word. They also have the option to open it in Google Docs, but remember that may cause a change in formatting.

Once they have downloaded it, have them rename the document in whatever format you would like and complete it.  When they are ready to turn it in, they will click on the assignment in Google Classroom. They will see something like this:

The document shown above is the blank one they downloaded. They will need to delete the blank on by clicking on the X on the right. They will then select Add and find the document they just worked on.

Once they have added the completed document, they can click Turn In to send it to the teacher for grading.



If you can work with someone else, please practice this to see how it works.