Unit 3 Activity 1 - Archiving Classrooms at the end of the semester/year

Archive a class

At the end of the school year or a semester, you may want to archive a class to preserve the class materials, any assignments, and any postings to the class stream. You can still access any class files in Google Drive, but the archived classes are moved to a separate area to help you keep your current classes organized. An archived class can be viewed by you and the students in the class. However, when the class is archived, you can't edit or add anything to the class until you restore it.

To archive a class:

  • and select Archive.
  • To confirm, click Archive.

To view or Delete an archived class:

and select Archived Classes.

  • On the class card, click
  • Choose Restore or Delete.


Try archiving your class. There is no need to delete it unless you were just practicing. You can restore it to continue using it.