Unit 3 Google Classroom


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  • Activity 1 - Archiving Classrooms at the end of the semester/year

  • Activity 2 - Assigning from documents other than Google


  1. Google Classroom Final - Part 1: Philosophy/Pedagogy -- There are many classroom management systems available to help organize your classroom in a digital world. Why is or isn't it important to have one of these? Why is or isn't it important that we spend time teaching online? What changes in HOW we teach this way? While technology is not required for EVERY lesson we teach, how do you determine when and how it should be used in your classroom? 3-6 paragraphs

    Part 2: Application -- Did you find Google Classroom easy to use? Will it be easy for our students? Does it actually help with communication and assignment turn in? Google Classroom is still relatively new. What features would you like them to add or change? How are you planning to keep up with the changes that are bound to come with this tool? Are you planning to use this tool and, if so, how do you see using it? 2-3 paragraphs

    Part 3: Feedback -- Was there an unexpected learning, a serendipity, or an "aha" moment for you in this class? What do you wish you could have spent more time learning? Was there a frustrating or waste-of-time task for you? What are your biggest barriers to utilizing your learning from this class? What do you wish had been a part of this class that was not covered? 1-2 paragraphs

  2. Mail it to the class instructor with the subject GClassroom Unit 3 Final. Be sure to include your name.