Unit 2 Activity 2 - Classroom Activities Part 2

Student Sharing

  • Students can share things they find with the class - images, links, etc., allowing informal learning as well.

Students can email the teacher

  • Students have an email icon right on the Header bar to make it easy for them to contact you.

Students can turn in Multiple Items with an Assignment

  • Just like we can attach many items to a lesson, students can attach multiple things to turn in with one assignment.

Not all Assignments are Google

  • By using the link button, students can turn in the link to other digital projects they have created, such as Prezi.

Collaborate with Peers

  • Teachers can Join a Google Classroom, just like students can.
  • You can collaborate and submit documentation for a PLC or other group.
  • Great way to do Professional Development

Virtual Faculty Meetings

  • Documents, videos, announcements can all be done in a Google Classroom, so not all Staff meetings need to happen face-to-face.

Streamline Counseling

  • Great way to share information with specific groups of students, like dates for SATs and ACTs or scholarship information.
  • Students can also ask questions