Unit 2 Activity 1 - Classroom Activities

Share Resources

  • Best done with the Announcement feature.
  • Great way to share view only resources

Keep Multiple Files in an Assignment and Create a Lesson

  • When sending out an assignment, you can attach as many documents, Drive files, or links as needed for the entire assignment.


Simplify the Turn-In Process

  • When assigning a document to a student, both the teacher and the student have access to the document, so you can check on progress and give feedback during the assignment.
  • When students turn in assignments, it becomes view only for them.

Protect Privacy

  • While all documents may be in one folder for the teacher, the students do not have access to each others' documents.
  • This is between the student and the teacher unless it is a collaborative document.

Create a discussion on a Google Sheet

  • Use multiple tabs for additional questions
  • Gives all students a voice

Email Students and Notify those that need help

  • On the Students page, it is easy to select students and email them individually or in a group
  • You can also email the through an assignment
  • By clicking on the number of students that are not done, you can send a bulk email to encourage them to finish
  • Note: We are finding that the email functions are currently having some issues in the k12.sd.us system. We are hoping there fixes to this coming.

Automatic Creation of Folders

  • On the Home page, you will see each of the classes you have created. Each has a folder in the lower right-hand corner. That was automatically created to store the files for that class. Just click it to go there directly.

Collaborative Note-Taking or Other Collaborative Documents

  • Simply set up your document in Google Docs, allowing all to edit, and select Students can Edit File.

Display Student Work

  • Just place their work in an announcement for the entire class to view it.
  • Ask their permission first!

Parent Contact

  • By clicking on Not Done, you see who has not completed an assignment.
  • You can then target parent phone calls to have parents follow up.

Peer Review

  • When students are working collaboratively, like in Slides, you can have them review and leave constructive comments for one another.

Assignment Questions

  • When a student doesn't understand something in an assignment, they can post comments to pose a question.
  • They do not have to wait for the teacher to respond (like in the evening or on a weekend.) Other students can provide guidance and the teacher can look later to make sure they are on the right track.