Unit 0 Activity 2 - Google Forms, Drive, Gmail, and Calendars

Google Forms

Forms allow you to make surveys or quizzes.  You can see more about them here. When the answers are submitted, they populate a Google Sheet.  You can then manipulate your data from there.

It is also possible to make a quiz that grades itself by using an Add-On called Flubaroo.  You will find out how to do that on there website Flubaroo.com.

Google Drive

Drive allows you to store all of your files, not just Google Docs.  With your Google Apps for Education account, you have unlimited storage space. Wikipedia gives a good explanation here. There is a Drive client that can be downloaded to your computer. It is extremely useful to do this.  You will have access to your files, even if you should be offline.


Depending on how your Google Apps account is set up, you may have a Gmail account.  If you are a K12.sd.us user, you do not have a separate email account.  It is already attached to your state email.


Every account also has the calendar app. You can create many different calendars.  These calendars can be shared. They can be used for homework or assignment due dates. My middle school team kept one between us to keep track of IEP meetings and such. They are extremely useful. More information can be found here.


I would like to insert a reminder here if you also have a personal account.  You can easily switch between two accounts by clicking on your name in the upper right-hand corner and adding your other account.  I highly recommend keeping your personal and professional lives separate.


Please explore each of these tools with thoughts on how they may be useful in your classroom.