Unit 0 Activity 1 - Google Docs, Sheets, & Slides

Google Documents

Documents work much like Word. It is your online word processor. While it may not have all the same features as Word, it does have other benefits.  It is easy for students or students and teachers to collaborate by using the Share feature. If you don't know how to Share, please go here.

Google has also built in a search feature allowing research within the document (this is also available in Slides.) I have found that the Research Tool works best in the Chrome browser, but it seems to be getting better in Firefox as well.  You will find more information about the Research Tool here.

Google Sheets

These spreadsheets are also great for collaboration. They are great for collecting information, not just for mathematical computation. There are a number of add-0ns that add other functions as well. You will find more information about add-ons here and you will find the store for add-ons by opening a Google  Sheet, clicking on Add-Ons, and clicking on Get Add-Ons.

Google Slides

Slides is a presentation software.  It is easy to use and saves automatically.  You will find more information on this link.


These tools can be used in the classroom with students or for teachers collaborating with one another. For this activity, please explore each of these tools and look though the resources below. Look for ways you can use this for your classroom. While there is some learning that goes with using Google Apps, you will find it saves you time in the long run. I utilized them in both my classroom and with our staff. I was able to give more feedback to my students in my writing class and I shortened many committee meetings by collaborating in advance using Google.


I have a number of resources for Google in the Classroom on my Pinterest Board. You will find it here.