Google Classroom

Welcome to Google Classroom.[Register Here if you have not done so already.] The current facilitator is Julie Erickson, For any additional questions, please contact Graduate Credit Coordinator, Kim Coronado at

Google Classroom is a self-paced online course covering the following topics:

Google Docs is a free, online platform with a word processor, spreadsheets, presentation program, and more. Google Forms allows you to set up a poll or a quiz. These apps allow for easy collaboration between students and teachers. Google Drive gives you online storage for not only your Google documents, but for any files you wish to store online. You also have Gmail and Google Calendars available for use. Google Apps for Education makes it easier to collaborate within a school or district. It places some control for the school in how the accounts are used outside the domain.

Google Classroom is one of the newest additions. It officially opened for business in August 2014. In months prior to that, it was possible to get an account to test it out. It is a classroom management system that allows a teacher to communicate with students, give them assignments, have them turn work in, and so on. This workshop will explore the many possibilities.  Please know that Google is constantly updating this product. You may see changes show up in Classroom before they are reflected here.

Much of this class is based on the book, 50 Things You Can Do With Google Classroom, by Alice Keeler and Libbi Miller.  You can find it on Amazon at this link. The book is not required, but you may really enjoy it.

Unit 0 - Google Drive and Documents Overview

Unit 1 - Setting up and using Classroom

Unit 2 - Things to do with your Classroom

Unit 3 - And More