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August 29, 2018 9:00-12:00 Structural Rebuild

Continuum Of Customized Learning Prezi

Motivation: Drive by Daniel Pink ebook | audiobook

Learn Like a Pirate ebook

Example of Geometry Choice board

Example of Reflection Using Padlet in Math


Review 2017-18 work plan

Revisit Learner Agency plan

What's next? 

2019 National MCL Summit July 16-18 Rapid City

February 26, 2018 1:00-3:30 Implementers

Upcoming dates:


February 19, 2018 1:00-4:00 Implementers

January 29, 2018 Implementers

Nov 27, 2017 Structural rebuild Team

    Update on Gayville-Volin efforts

    • update implementers
    • update number impacted
    • work plan review

    Standards Evolution Update

    Instructional Day Reflection -

    • Individual
    • Group

    Complete work plan for 2017-2018

    Revisit Learner Agency plan



    August 28

    Growth Mindset

    Learner Agency

    Flexible Math Curriculum: Rubric Review and Ongoing Development February 20, 2017

    Discuss: How are you using the flexible math curriculum so far?

    Flexible Math Development: Rubric Review


    Structural Rebuild|  January 23, 2017

    Update on Standards Evolution and Flexible Curriculum work: Curriculum Redesign

    Update on Learner Agency


    Flexible Grouping





    Nov-Dec, 2016

    Math Flexible Curriculum Resources

    Math Standards Evolution

    Flexible Curriculum MS Math sample 1 and sample 2





    Gayville-Volin Planning


    Customized Learning Check-in

    What needs to happen to go the next step in Customized Learning? What does this team need to consider do to make sure we get there?

    Gayville Folder


    Potential Weight-bearing walls

    • Flexible Curriculum
    1. Teachers: find/design curr for choice and voice

    2. District/TIE:OER -The possibilities for creating curriculum and what can be done to make it happen?

    3. District/TIE: Standards evolutionMaine Small Sample

    • Grading System
    • Grade levels
    • Schedule
      • Currently customized on Thursdays?
      • How is it going? Are people customizing beyond Thursdays? 
      • What does it look like?

    Planning Team Document Update


    Sept 19, 2016

    Open Education Resources

    • Resources

    • what’s happening in SD
    • what’s happening nationally
    • what you can use today

    Activity: Resources you want to use in your classroom


    Formative Assessment: Resources:

    Question: Resources:

    Activity:Formative Assessment & Questioning Technique Sharing

    Google Forms Refresher

    Activity: Create a formative assessment using Google Forms


    Gayville-Volin Professional Learning

    August 16, 2016




    Mindsets and Equitable Education


    In what areas do you think we have a fixed mindset? or growth mindset?



    Analyze another assessment

    Collaborative Reflection document

    • Do we as a society believe in a growth mindset? Why or why not?
    • Is this what we were taught? Or how we were taught?
    • For some of us, this is a challenging concept to believe in. Why?

    How do we praise our students?



    Formative Assessment with Google Forms

    Did not do below

    Google Search Infographic

    Flexible Curriculum

    Mr. Schmidt's Wikispace



    Higher Order Thinking/Complex Reasoning

    Continue Higher Order Thinking/Complex Reasoning

    webb reflection

    Planning Documents


    Webb Leveling and Higher Order Thinking


    Webbs doc

    Webbs Planning Chart


    Gayville-Volin PD

    April 25, 2016


    Review of Bush Grant


    TIEReads: Professional eLibrary

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    Examine Teacher Data



    Revisit Digital Literacy: "There are more options that just Google and Wikipedia..."


    Flexible Grouping


    Gayville-Volin 20160415


    TIE’s Professional eLibrary

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    Examine Teacher Data

    Reflection Process

    Levers discussion


    First look at Weight-bearing Wall barrier process