Tell me a little bit about what your CL journey has been this year?

Do you find with English you can cluster the standards?

With the choices that students have, do you find that kids are making the appropriate choices?

Are there certain students that this customized approach works better with than others? How do you get to the real interests of the kids?

if you had an English teacher wanting to get into customized kind of learning, what would be your advice to them? Do you think there are unique challenges within English?

Do you do a lot more individual and small group work? Do you find your relationship with kids is a little bit different as you keep going down this road?

Tell me about your journey with grading and mastery?

How do you think you’ve changed over this process?

How do you know when a kid has really mastered something? Is there more performance-based kind of criteria now

Has there been a great collaboration among the teachers in your mind with this effort?

Do you have anything that we should have talked about that we didn’t?