Flip Unit 2 Activity 2 - And More Tools


In the Read and View section of this unit, you read two articles with some other options for making videos. In this activity, I want you to at least go to the websites or the iTunes store and read about them.  Feel free to try one or two.  You may find having more than one tool might fit your specific needs.  As an example, when I was in the classroom and I got sick, I was able to use VoiceThread to add my voice to PowerPoints.  I would NOT have wanted to have my sick face be seen in that instance!

You are also going to have to consider options on where you are going to store your videos. In the last activity, screencast.com was one option.  YouTube is a nice option, but is often blocked in some schools. (That's a whole other topic!) Some schools have room on their own servers, but you have to be certain students can access that off campus if you are assigning your video for homework.

You might consider these:

Videos might also be stored on private web sites, on Learning Management Systems such as Moodle or Blackboard, or even in iBooks.