Flip! Unit 2 Activity 1 - Video Tools



We are going to start making videos. These don't have to be perfect. This is not Hollywood. I want you to start thinking about what tool you are using to make videos.

For this activity, I want you to consider a couple of options. TechSmith has some great tools, both free and paid.  I am not suggesting that this is the tool you must use, but I would like you to check it out as an option.  Read through the the links below.

Your second option - if you have a whiteboard - is to use the software that comes with your board. You will find resources below to help with that.



TechSmith's Youtube channel has tutorials on Camtasia but also has tutorial for getting started screencasting and examples of flipped learning.

Richard Byrne, Free Technology for Teachers, has suggestions for some other screencasting tools in this post, Six Alternatives to TechSmith's Snagit, Knowmia, and Screenchomp.

Interactive Whiteboards: