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This is a five-unit module about flipping your classroom. [Register Here if you have not done so already] While flipping is ideal in a one-to-one environment, don’t be afraid to explore the possibility even without that situation. There are many ways to flip your classroom! 

The Flipped Classroom has become the rage in recent years. Now that more schools are embracing the use of technology, this is a great first step towards customized learning. It can be done in any grade level, for any subject.

Book Needed

For this module, you will need the book Flip Your Classroom by Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams. If you are an Amazon user, you will find it here.

Course syllabus

You will find all the assignments on the pages listed below for each unit. Any questions, please contact Julie Erickson:

Unit Outcomes

Participants will:

  • have a stronger understanding of flipped classroom

  • be able to identify the elements of the flipped classroom

  • explore tools to create videos

  • create a video for use with students

  • have an understanding of the Cornell Note Taking method

  • explore mastery learning vs. traditional grading

  • explore planning a more meaningful lesson with extra classroom time

  • consider project based learning

  • compare the pros and cons of Flipped Learning

  • create a video and detailed lesson plan for use with students

Unit Topics

Unit 1 - What is the Flipped Classroom?

Unit 2 - Media

Unit 3 - Assessment

Unit 4 - Better Use of Classroom Time

Unit 5 - Putting it together



Module Scoring Guide

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