Unit 5 Activity 1 - Making a Unit

In this culminating activity, we are going to look at the bigger picture. How can the collection(s) you created be incorporated into a larger unit? It may mean taking a mainstream unit you already teach, pulling in online resources and assessments, then transferring it to an online site like Gooru, CK-12, or OpenEd. If you decide to do this, you would need to create at least two different paths for two different groups of students. It may mean starting with the collection you created in one of the previous units, but making several paths for several groups of students. You would do this by making a copy of the collection you want to use, then modifying it for each group of students. OR, maybe you are feeling ambitions and want to create an entire course. These are just a few suggestions. This is your chance to make something usable for you and your students.

Develop a unit, using OpenEd, Gooru, or CK-12. The unit requirements include:

  • Two or more separate paths for different students
  • The standards/objectives/outcomes need to be explicit
  • Assessments included in the unit

Think through the list of questions below (adapted from Power Up, Diana Neebe and Jen Roberts, 2015) when creating a flexible curriculum unit:

  • What should my students know, understand, and do by the end of this unit?
  • What core skills and standards will students need to be proficient in by the end of the unit?
  • How will this unit help students see beyond the "assignments?"
  • How will this unit help them to become individual thinkers?
  • How will student learning be assessed?
  • What might be some road-blocks for my students in this unit? How will I help them to overcome them?
  • Are there parts of the unit that students will do face-to-face? How can they be incorporated?