Unit 4 Activity 1 - Open Cloud-Based Curriculum Sites

LearnZillion and Khan Academy have some similar features as the flexible curriculum sites we looked at in units 1-3, but they also have some differences. Take a few minutes to peruse through both of them. Notice how there are complete lessons,  even the ability to add students to groups (currently in Khan and coming soon in LearnZillion). Both sites have experienced teams developing the lessons, but you, as an educator, don't have the ability to change the content/resources within the lessons. These lessons can be used by your students in different ways. You could provide a link to a lesson on your web page or wiki, or incorporate it into a collection you created/modified in a flexible curriculum site, like Gooru, CK-12, or OpenEd. 

After you have taken time to familiarize yourself with LearnZillion and Khan Academy, locate a lesson in one of them (or a site similar) that fits best into one of the following options:

1. Add the lesson to the collection you created in units 1 or 2.


2. Create/Modify a collection in one of the sites you explored in unit 3. Making sure you include the lesson from LearnZillion or Khan Academy.