Unit 3 Activity 2 - Locating and Saving Content Specific Sites

When developing online flexible curriculum, the resources available are unlimited! There are many well designed websites that are focused on one topic or content area. These are great resources to add to a learning collection within CK-12, Gooru, or your LMS. As you come across a great site, what do you do with it? How do you organize your sites? How do you share them with your students and colleagues?

In this activity, you will (1) search for content specific sites (I'll give you a few to get started), then (2) decide on an online site to save, organize, and share them (I'll give you a few ideas for this too, if you don't already have one you use).

1. Search for content specific sites. Locate several (8-10) sites that you could use in your teaching context. Here are a few to help start your search:

2. Decide on an online site to save, organize, and share your content related sites. Then save the sites you found! If you already use an online site to do this, keep using it! Different sites have different capabilities. As you look through the sites, look for the About, Help, or Tutorials section of the site. They will give you some ideas on how to best use the site. YouTube videos are also a great resource for looking up tutorials on a site. The purpose of this activity is not to spend a lot of time figuring out a new site, but to have a place where you can easily store and retrieve websites you like. If you use something other than the ones listed, please continue to use it. Here are a few to consider: