Unit 3 Personalize Learning through Curating Content

Curating content (finding, modifying, and producing content) through a meaningful learning experience can be done in many ways. In units 1-2, you worked in flexible curriculum websites that act as containers to hold the resources used in a learning series. You acted as a curator when you deciphered the content that fit the needs of your students and teaching context.

In this unit, you will work within many types of learning content websites which will help you personalize a student's learning experience. You will be the curator of the content you use with students.

Unit Outcomes

  • Explore open cloud-based curriculum websites

  • Explore content specific/single focus websites

  • Organize sites for easy retrieval and future use

Read & View

  • An OER (Open Educational Resource) is a free learning resource that anyone can use, change, and share. Read here for a short explanation on why to use an OER.

  • Curating content takes place in many different arenas, not just education. Read the article, "Content Curation Primer," to better understand why curating is important.

  • Read, “Moving Beyond the Textbook” to help clarify what you are doing when you curate content in education.



  1. In Activity 1, you located a lesson, video, or content from LearnZillion or Khan Academy that you added to Gooru, CK12, or TedEd. Email the link or code to the class instructor with the subject FlexCurr Unit 3 Assignment 1. Be sure to include your name. Also include, in the email, your reflection on your thinking behind adding the lesson and the process. This should include how and why you decided to add the lesson.

  2. In Activity 2, you located content specific resources and saved them into an online site. Please share the link or code, through email, with the class instructor. The subject of your email should be called FlexCurr Unit 3 Assignment 2 and be sure to include your name.

Assignment 1 Rubric:


Assignment 2 Rubric: