Unit 2 Differentiate Pace and Path within Gooru

In this unit, you will dig deeper into Gooru by creating a course. You will also add a new class and students. When thinking about your students, their background knowledge, needs, and interests, it will be clear that different paths and paces will be necessary for their learning experiences. You can assign specific students to different classes, helping to differentiate their learning.

Unit Outcomes

  • Create a course in Gooru
  • Add a new class
  • Assign students to a class and course
  • Differentiate paths of learning for students 

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  1. Before you created your course, you had to decide who would be assigned the course and what content would be in the course. In an email to the class instructor, please discuss the thought process you went through to develop the course. Include your ideas about: Why did you decide to create the course for this student or group of students? What evidence of learning, formative assessments, and knowledge of students did you use to create this course? Why is this content appropriate for the student(s)? Label your email FlexCurr Unit 2 Assignment 1 and be sure to include your name.
  2. Now that you have created a course and added a new class, email the identified standards you included in the course and the course link to the class instructor with the subject FlexCurr Unit 2 Assignment 2. Be sure to include your name.

Assignments 1 and 2 will be scored on the rubric below: