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"Decisions that are made about what will be accessible to children help shape the kinds of minds they will come to own."--Elliott Eisner

Welcome to the  Flexible Curriculum course. It was designed as part of the self-paced online Customized Learning Series - Guru! [Register Here if you have not done so already.] The current facilitator is Lori Goldade,  For any additional questions, please contact Graduate Credit Coordinator, Kim Coronado at  

The module uses videos, articles, and websites to develop your understanding of designing, using, and sharing flexible curriculum. Be prepared to explore a variety of sites that help you consider pace, place, path, and time. Welcome aboard!



All pages for the course are listed in the left column

The Unit pages contain:

  • The readings and videos

  • Links to the activities for the course

  • The assignments to be turned in to the instructor

The Activity pages contain:

  • The specific activity for the unit it is under

  • The link can also be found within the Unit page


  • Develop and refine your understanding of flexible curriculum.

  • Explore several online sites to help create a flexible curriculum.

  • Adapt an online collection to fit your students.

  • Compare and contrast online flexible curriculum sites.

  • Evaluate online lessons to fit time and place within a flexible curriculum.

  • Explore and add to TIE’s flexible curriculum evolution maps.

  • Design a flexible curriculum unit.

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