Learner Engagement Unit 4 Activity 2


TPE 7.1: Case studies of disengagement. Review the cases of Ryan and Rachel (outlined at the beginning of chapter 1). Using the information in chapter 7, outline their causes of disengagement and possible solutions.

TPE 7.2: Identify and re-engage disengaged learners. Use information in this chapter to identify two of your learners who are showing signs of disengagement and to diagnose the causes of this disengagement and identify possible strategies to reengage these learners. Implement these strategies in the classroom. How do the learners respond?

TPE 7.3: Classroom observation. Observe a classroom lesson (either in your classroom or in another facilitator's). Can you identify learners who are showing signs of disengagement? What are they doing? When and where is the disengagement most likely to occur? Use information in this chapter to identify possible causes of this disengagement and possible changes that could help to reengage these learners.

TPE 7.4: Supporting boys in the classroom. Research lessons about masculine stereotypes. Adapt several to use in your classroom. Survey your learners and their parents to find names of local community members, especially men, who might come to talk with your classes. Contact them and plan together an experience related to your curriculum.

TPE 7-5: Encourage boys' literacy. Take an inventory of the books in the classroom library.
What books can you add to support boys' interests? Asking the school librarian and surveying learners themselves can provide Important information about the types of books to add to the classroom library.