We would like to hear your journey into CL

What is the biggest difference about Customized Learning?

Was it important for you to go through the process with a team of fellow teachers?

How would you reply to the idea that teachers don’t teach anymore?

Do you feel like you get to know students better or in a different way than you did previously?

Can you run through what a typical day is like for you now?

How much work is that to make sure that Schoology is functional?

Do you feel like your students’ parents understand what is happening here and have they been supportive?

What is the next thing you are looking ahead as a staff? What are you going to try to change up next?

Social Studies seems to be one of those subjects where discussion is a big part of making Social Studies work. How do you manage that?

What is it that you struggle with to make it fit in a customized environment?

Is there anything you would like to say that we haven’t addressed?