Unit 4 Digital Literacy -- Digital Footprint

Everything you do online builds your digital footprint.  This Digital Natives video illustrates how students today may have a digital footprint since before they were born.  Even though our students are digital natives, and have been using online resources since they’ve been very young, they still need help developing their positive digital footprint and learning how to become responsible digital citizens.  

Read & View


  • Activity 1 - Do you have a positive Digital Footprint?
  • Activity 2 - Model responsible internet use
  • Activity 3 - Incorporate Digital Footprint lessons into your classroom


  1. After completing the three activities, reflect on how your thoughts on digital footprints have developed.  Refer to the readings and videos along with the digital footprint activities to help discuss your insights.  Be sure to include examples of your activities reviewing your own digital footprint. Note how developing a positive digital footprint will help your students become successful independent learners.  Submit your 1-2 page synopsis to the class instructor with the subject Digital Unit 4 Assignment 1. Be sure to include your name.
  2.  Develop a lesson plan in the content area and grade level you currently teach where your students develop a positive digital footprint.  How are you going to integrate this into an assignment?  Show state technology standards, ISTE-NETS or appropriate standards. Label it Digital Unit 4 Assignment 2, mail it to the class instructor and be sure to include your name.