Unit 2 Digital Literacy -- Drawing Conclusions & Evaluation

Developing search skills is one step in digital literacy.  Once you’ve found information, determining if those results are credible and appropriate for the project is the next step.   Anyone can add information to the internet—this clip from the Corbert Report illustrates how easy it is to add content to Wikipedia.

There are a number of tools and checklists to help students evaluate the information they’ve found online. Helpful acronyms range from the CRAAP test, CARDS and RADCAB to critical evaluation surveys for every level by education technologist Kathy Schrock.

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  1. After completing the four activities, reflect on how your thoughts on website evaluation have developed.  Refer to the readings along with the website evaluation activities to help discuss your insights. Note how developing website evaluation strategies will help your students become successful independent learners.  Submit your 1-2 page synopsis to the class instructor with the subject Digital Unit 2 Assignment 1. Be sure to include your name.
  2.  Develop a lesson plan in the content area and grade level you currently teach where your students incorporate website evaluation strategies into their learning.  How are you going to integrate this into an assignment?  Show state technology standards, ISTE-NETS or appropriate standards. Label it Digital Unit 2 Assignment 2, mail it to the class instructor and be sure to include your name.