Unit 1 Activity 2 - Searching the deep web or subscription e-resources

The invisible or deep web is not accessible via a search engine.  However, many of the search strategies discussed in Activity 1 can be utilized in online databases. Using the “advanced search” or checking help can provide one with tips and tricks to finding information that is useful for you.

For this activity do the following:

1.      Spend some time exploring a free online database such as PubMed, the Library of Congress or other sites that interest you.  Note the search tools that can be used and some of the special features.

2.      Locate either your local school library, public library or state library and determine what subscription resources they provide. See if they provide online journal resources like Proquest or Ebsco or an online encyclopedia or ebooks. Select two that appear relevant for either your research or your student research needs. Investigate the advanced search features and note how you can apply your search skills.