Unit 1 Activity 1 - Developing Your Search Toolbox


Google senior research scientist, Daniel Russell says “Every good searcher has a lot of tools in their toolkit…” in Lesson 3.4 - PowerSearchingWithGoogle.com The OR Operator and Double Quotes.  This activity will build the search tools in your search toolbox. 

View the short videos on using Google advanced limiters:

Test out the tools! In Google do the following:

1.      Perform a site search using your school’s website to see how many times your name appears. Now try a site search on another site of interest.  Perform a filetype search for a PowerPoint about national parks. Now, try a filetype search for another type of file.  Note how you could utilize it to help develop classroom resources OR how you could include it in an assignment.

2.      Perform a search where you remove invasive results.  Note where you may find that useful.

3.      Double quotes are your friend—this tool can be used in subscription e-resources also.  Try searching for a phrase with and without the double quotes. Note the difference in the validity of your results.

4.      Ctrl-F is used to quickly find a term or terms within a document or webpage. Test it out on a page of text.  Note how you could use Ctrl-F to quickly find what you are looking for.