Unit 1 Digital Literacy--Search and Navigation

In his blog, SearchResearch, Daniel Russell, Google senior research scientist, states,  “People fluent in search and retrieval not only save time, but are far more likely to find higher quality, more credible, more useful content.  More importantly, they can ask questions that were impossible just a few years ago.  People with these skills are effectively smarter.”  

This unit focuses on developing search and retrieval skills to find online information.  These search strategies can be used with search engines, like Google and Bing.  These strategies can also be used on the invisible or deep web where content is not accessible via a search engine like Google.  Deep web examples include online databases like PubMed or the FAA flight delay information where one needs to search the database directly to get the information.  Subscription resources like online journals, e-books and encyclopedias are also part of the deep web. These resources need to be accessed through the library website and can provide access to valuable reading-leveled, reviewed resources for students. Many state libraries provide statewide subscription resources to all schools and libraries.  Your public or school library may also provide access to subscription resources.

Google has a well-defined education platform and provides resources for educators to teach search skills to students. Some of their materials will be used for this unit. 

Read & View


  • Activity 1 - Developing your search toolbox
  • Activity 2 - Searching the deep web or subscription e-resources
  • Activity 3 - Developing a successful search strategy


  1. After completing the three activities, reflect on how your thoughts on search have developed.  Refer to the readings and videos along with the search activities to help discuss your new search strategies, tools and insights.  Be sure to include examples of your activities for narrowing searches. Note how developing search skills will help your students become successful independent learners.  Submit your 1-2 page synopsis to the class instructor with the subject Digital Unit 1 Assignment 1. Be sure to include your name.
  2.  Develop a lesson plan in the content area and grade level you currently teach where your students develop search skills.  How are you going to integrate this into an assignment?  Show state technology standards, ISTE standards or appropriate standards. Label it Digital Unit 1 Assignment 2, mail it to the class instructor and be sure to include your name.