What is it you are currently working on in your curriculum?

You organize the Social Sciences 1, 2, 3, 4, but from a transcript standpoint do you have to convert to traditional courses?

With students working through this with everybody at a different pace or different place, where do you find ways to not just make it a linear track, that they actually get a choice?

Can you find ways to make social science relevant?

In social science, traditionally a lot of assessments are based on regurgitation of facts and percentages. How do you measure mastery that maybe in a different way?

In a customized environment, many times your emphasis is more on really learning and not necessarily going for the grade. Do you use A-B-C-D? Do you see a little give and take sometimes on a grade point versus really wanting to learn something? What about students not motivated by the grade?

I hear teachers’ misperceptions about customized learning, one of them is, “if a student takes extra time on something then they are always behind.” Do you find students can catch up?

Do you still do direct instruction?

How do you deal with Webb levels? Do you have that structured within the assignments or is it more that some students can choose?

Social Science is rich for discussions. When you have a customized environment where students are in all different places, how do you manage discussions? Is collaboration teacher directed or student directed?

Some students seem to really grasp customized learning. Are there students where it just doesn’t work that well for them?

You hear a lot in the customized environment that teachers need to move away from the direct lectures into more of the mentor role or the facilitator role. For a lot of people that doesn’t mean much. If you were to describe the evolving of the teacher role in your standpoint, what are the specifics about what it takes to be a facilitator or a mentor?

are there aspects of customized learning that I didn’t touch on that you want to tell teachers about?

I think a lot of times teachers see barriers that just seem insurmountable. Can you give us some examples of where you had some barriers to move to that next level but you eventually found a way to get around them?