Some thoughts about the definition of Customized Learning….
People often interchange the terms personalize and customize, here is our best thinking on that topic with what we know today……one size fits all instruction from 1 teacher to 25 students no longer makes sense. We have the technology to make the learning experience SO much better for everyone! We MUST untether teacher readiness to deliver content and skills from student readiness to receive them. When we use technology to maximize some aspects of the learning process, untethering becomes possible. When we utilize the best human resources and the best technology resources appropriately, we are doing blended learning. This is a pedagogical shift. As we start to mediate the learning with the technology, when we blend, we can start to personalize the journey for students. Personalization allows us to vary the PACE and PATH of learning. However, it is completely possible to personalize in an antiquated industrial-based education system. When we take the next leap and we customize the structures that support learning we alter TIME and SPACE constraints and remove more barriers that allow us to reach the ideal learning experience. To customize we must replace the weight bearing walls of the old industrial-based system with new supports that are consistent with what we know about learning. We must put pressure on the system, we must reimagine courses and curricula, we must gain new skills in pedagogy to support the new schema and we must change our mindset about the capabilities and possibilities of the learners we serve.