Curriculum Redesign Event

July 19-21 - Harrisburg, SD

This three-day event, geared for district/building teams of educators, will assist in redesigning curriculum for a customized environment. Lunch will be provided each day. Credit available for attending three days!

To sign up for this event, please go to this link. Please register by July 1!

Our outcomes will be:

  • explore models of what customized learning could look like for all levels of learners.
  • collaborate with other educators of similar grade levels or content areas.
  • develop flexible and personalized curriculum to use in your classrooms in the fall.
  • work within d or building teams to establish platforms and goals.
  • listen and discuss implementation of customized learning in the classroom.
  • hear from one of the authors of the book Inevitable, Bea McGarvey, about instructional design for customization.

The event agenda will be posted soon. You can plan on 8:00am-3:30pm each day.

This event is made possible by TIE's Customized Learning grant from the Bush Foundation. Non-grant schools are welcome to bring a team and join us! (But enrollment is limited!)


You will be able to find the agenda here!

We will be meeting at Harrisburg High School at 8 AM each day!

Questions - please contact Sherry Crofut or Lennie Symes.



If you are applying for credit as a teacher

EDU TIE 54.1 Summer Curriculum Redesign

Section EDU 544D.1 Registration Deadline 7/31/16

If you are applying for credit for Leadership:

EDU TIE 54.2 Summer Curriculum Redesign

Section EDU 544E.1 Registration Deadline 7/31/16