Unit 3: Activity 1 - CRT Lesson Exploration

Perform an Internet search on “5E Lesson Plan Inquiry”. Locate five different sites that explain the model and that provide examples in several content areas. Make sure Enhancing Education is one of your sites.  

(Hint: YouTube has some really good videos on the 5E).

Next, read “Essential Questions: What Makes a Question Essential?”

Finally, examine Jean Aguilar-Valdez’s Rubric for Culturally Responsive Lessons/Assignments.

  • Explain the connection between essential questions and a learner’s prior knowledge and cultural experiences.

  • In what ways do the 5E lesson plan demonstrate characteristics of culturally responsive instruction?

  • How does Aguilar-Valdez’s plan differ from what you learned in your facilitator preparation? In what you currently use? How does it support the integration of CRT into your existing curriculum?

Please record your answers in the Google Doc you created in “Getting Started.”