Unit 1 What is Culturally Responsive Teaching?

In this unit, you will begin to familiarize yourself with culturally responsive teaching. What is it? Who is it for? What do I have to know? A lot of times, facilitators assume that it is simply integrating multicultural resources into the classroom or curriculum. Some may think that they have to know everything about the diverse cultures of every student in their class; or that only learners of color will benefit. Others might think CRT is something additive, and therefore, a lot of work! After this unit, you will have a better understanding of what CRT is and what CRT is not. This unit will also prompt deep reflection so you have an understanding of your role in the culturally responsive classroom.

  • Define culturally responsive teaching

  • Compare positive and negative personal education experiences

  • Explore implicit bias

  • Engage in critical self-reflection

  • Identify personal role in Culturally Responsive Teaching, “Who Am I?”

Read & View

As you read and view, take notes about things that surprise you, things that you did not know, things that you may have already been aware of. Please complete in the Google Doc you created in “Getting Started.”



1. Based on what you read, what you saw, and your own ability to think critically, how do you define “culturally responsive teaching?” What are the important characteristics of CRT in the classroom? Think about: instructional strategies, relationships, curriculum and discipline. (1-2 pages)

Email your 1-2 page assignment to the instructor with the subject CRT Unit 1 Assignment 1. Be sure to include your name.

2. This assignment asks you to deeply reflect on your own educational experiences (both positive and negative) and how they have shaped who you are as an instructor. You will think about your implicit bias, and how that might affect your actions in the classroom. You are encouraged to consider your responses to Activity 1. Questions to consider as you write this deep reflection (3-4 pages):

  • What things did my teachers do to make me feel validated?

  • What things did my teachers do to make me feel invisible?

  • Were there obvious or subtle inconsistencies in the way my teachers treated me and my classmates?

  • How do these experiences affect my own teaching style?

  • What environments do I find myself more comfortable? Uncomfortable? Who is in these environments?

  • When was the last time I was consciously aware that I was being prejudiced?

  • What things do I assume about learners from various backgrounds?

  • What biases were inherent in my teacher training? For example, there is an inherent bias against oral tradition when looking at “credible” sources. (Bias in subject/content area) Where is value placed? What is valued? How do I remove bias from my classroom/content?

  • How do I approach discipline in my classroom? Who is disciplined? What forms of discipline do I use? Do I make exceptions?

Your 3-4 page paper will be evaluated using the rubric found here.

Email your assignment to your instructor with the subject CRT Unit 1 Assignment 2 and be sure to include your name.