The Vision of Customized (Personalized) Learning CAN happen in your school!

Don’t we all want a school that embraces learners progressing at their own pace to more challenging concepts based on their competency? Wouldn’t it be nice if learners were empowered with an active voice in their learning instead of continuing with the industrial age model? Our Customized Learning Series, a two-pronged approach of district planning and teacher professional growth, will help create learning opportunities that meet learners at their readiness level and learning style, engage learners with content of their interest, and motivate learners with intrinsically rewarding education. This session will examine the possibilities of bringing lasting change to student-centered learning by coordinating the district planning to rebuild weight-bearing walls that stand in the way, while at the same time, providing a varied and customized growth experience for teachers with the integration of the technology tools necessary to make this possible.

Program Explanation