When were you first aware of what CL was and that you were going to be a part of it?

How did the team of teachers support one another?

Was there anything that you had a misperception about?

We know people said that in customized schools, teachers aren’t teaching anymore. How would you reply to that?

Are there other ways you’ve gotten to know students better than you think you would have in the old system?

You mentioned Schoology. Can you tell us how you work with that on a weekly basis?

Do you believe that your students’ parents understand what this is in general?

new Language Arts curriculum and CL and trying to bring the two together. How is that coming along?

What are some areas of success that you have seen with students that you wouldn’t have seen in the traditional setting?

How do you gauge where kids are?

Do you find there are certain students that excel in a customized environment and are there students who don’t do well?

Would you like to say one last thought?