Chamberlain Folder

November 21, 2017 SR Team 8:30-3:30

Capacity Building

Learner Agency iceberg slides

Chamberlain Planning Team Document

  • update planning team information
  • review Workplan
  • discussion: what CL is happening at Chamberlain
  • does Workplan reflect what is happening? Update accordingly

Answer questions:

  1. What does a typical instructional day look like next fall when Workplan is implemented for a teacher?
  2. What does a typical instructional day look like next fall when Workplan is implemented for a student?

Reflection document

Resources for reflection 

Sample videos

CL videos





Sept 15, 2017 MS Staff (pM) / HS Math (aM)


Focus on Marking and Grading Practices

Learner Agency Introduction: explore reflection tool and resources

Planning Learner Agency implementation

Learner Agency planning: gather resources/centers






April 28, 2017 Implementers


Learner Agency document

Learner Agency Reflection Tool

Learner Agency Resources


Standards Evolution Update

Curriculum Process

  • What assessment will be used as "mastery affirmation"? "Foundational affirmation"? "Emerging affirmation"?
  • What formative assessment will help you determine the learners are "getting there"?
  • What instruction will be needed to get to mastery?
  • How is instruction going to be delivered?

Contributing to Flexible Curriculum

Assessment Article

Chamberlain Folder




January 17, 2017

Structural Rebuild

Chamberlain Folder

What are your perceptions of what Customized Learning means?


Curriculum Redesign 


Flexible Grouping


Five Levers Book

Levers discussion

(PDF Reader for PDF Version) 

WBW Home

First look at Weight-bearing Wall process:
1) What could you do (different from current practice) if the WBW is no longer in the way?
2) Identify barriers that prevent you from doing this today.
3) What ways  could you reduce/eliminate barrier?

Work Plan Development

Parent Survey Sample

January 17, 2017 


Chamberlain Folder

Curriculum Redesign


Learner Agency


Flexible Grouping





Dec 9 Face-to-Face

Resources for the day:

Introduction to the grant:


“Picture your brain forming new connections as you meet the challenge and learn. Keep on going.” Carol S. Dweck Mindset: The New Psychology of Success


Additional reading materials