What makes the customized approach significantly different from what we see in industrial age, or traditional classrooms?

Why is that difference important to you as his principal?

How did you ramp into this customized learning approach?

What has been the biggest challenge, or even obstacle, to getting started with a customized learning approach?

How has this customized learning approach changed the role of the teacher?

How has it changed the role of the students, the learner?

How have students embraced customized learning?

What have you seen or observed as the reaction of other teachers to the approach?

how would you describe the reaction of parents and learners to customized learning?

What evidence would you offer that this customized approach is impacting learners and learning positively?

what advice would you have for principals/teachers who are considering a customized approach to learning?

What is an anecdote or experience from the customized learning implantation that was particularly meaningful or impactful from your perspective?