Unit 1 Blended Learning

The learning begins with understanding the meaning of blended learning...

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Before you ever read any text or watch any videos, think about what Blended Learning means to you at this point.

(The textbook is quite long, so I will be asking you to read only certain pages. )

  • What do you consider blended learning? (Video)

  • Read Chapter 1 pages 33-66

  • Read Chapter 2 pages 71-85

  • Read the article,

Important for iBook Purchasers! The page numbering differs from the original book. Please make note of the following pages while reading your iBook in landscape mode:

  • Chapter 1 - pages 100-152

  • Chapter 2 - pages 164-199

  • Chapter 3 - pages 213-240

  • Chapter 4 - pages 247-284

  • Chapter 9 - pages 487-509

  • Chapter 10 - pages 516-538

  • Chapter 11 - pages 543-552



  1. After completing the two columns in your Defining Blended Learning document, move to a second page, reflect on how your thinking of the definition of Blended Learning has changed, using your words and phrases as evidence. Refer to the readings or videos to help with your final synthesized definition of Blended Learning. This should be a 3-4 paragraph synopsis. Email your synopsis to the class instructor with the subject Blend Unit 1 Assignment 1. Be sure to include your name.

  2. Select one of the Blended Learning Models and discuss how you might consider using this model in your classroom with your content. One of the models you might find interesting or familiar is the Flipped Classroom. Another one of the modules within the Virtuoso Series of TIE's Customized Learning Series is the Flipped Classroom. If this model is something you are really interested in, please consider taking this module. Again, refer to the readings and videos to support your ideas. Label it Blend Unit 1 Assignment 2 and be sure to include your name. Mail your model discussion to the class instructor with the subject Blend Unit 1 Assignment 1.