Welcome to the module on Blended Learning for the Customized Learning Series-Artiste! [Register Here] The module uses the eBook Blended-Using Disruptive Innovation to Improve Schools as our main text, as well as some articles and videos.  I will be assigning only certain pages and videos from the eBook. (Reading the entire eBook and watching all videos within is your option.)

The course incorporates four phases to help you implement a Blended Learning environment in your classroom. What is Blended Learning, what could it mean for you, and how can you move to a Blended Learning environment in your classroom? A unit on how to assess in the Blended Learning classroom is also included in this course.

Needed for the course


  • All pages for the course are listed in the left column
  • The Unit pages contain:
    • The readings and videos
    • The activities to do for the course
    • The assignments to be turned in to the instructor
  • The Activity pages contain:
    • The specific activity for the unit it is under
    • Can also be found within the Unit page

Blended Learning Course Outcomes:

  • Develop and refine your understanding of what blended learning is and is not.

  • Define your blended learning problems.

  • State your purposes for wanting to use blended learning.

  • Consider which blended learning model you will begin to use.

  • Determine the team that would be necessary to create your blended learning model.

  • Build your understanding of assessment in the blended learning classroom.

  • Experience online assessment tools.

  • Develop assessment rubrics and checklists for student learning.

  • Design a blended learning environment for your setting.

  • Expand your repoirtore of online tools that will enhance your blended learning environment.

  • Create a lesson for a blended learning classroom.

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