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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

8:45-12:00 Implementers (Elementary & MS/HS)

Customized Learning

Flexible Curriculum

Coding and Makerspaces



Reflection on the Day


1:30-3:00 2nd Grade Implementers

Customized Learning 101


  • Empower videos from Harrisburg
    • Travis Lape from Harrisburg has created a series of videos explaining how Empower works from both the teacher and student view


Wednesday, April 11, 2018

10:30-1:00 MS/HS--meet with implementers individually

1:00-4:00 Elementary

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

9:00-noon--meet with implementers individually

1:15-2:30 info session for K-2



Plan for another day....



January 24, 2018 Implementers

December 7, 2017 Structural Rebuild

Five Levers chapter 4

What does customized look like? Instructional Day Reflection







Nov 1, 2017 Implementers

Empower walk-through 4 stages: matrix, rubrics, lists, descriptors

Grade level demos of Empower

Discussion on proficiency scales vs progress scales; competency vs standards-based

Oct 4, 2017 All Staff 6-12


Focus on Marking and Grading Practices

Curriculum Redesign

Sample Math Report

May 3, 2017 Implementers

Review of TIE Conference/Visits/LMS

Review of workplans

Beresford Folder

Contributing to Flexible Curriculum

Flex curriculum: choice board (Josh video) 



April 20, 2017 Structural Rebuild Planning

Beresford Folder

Assessment Article

Parent Survey Sample

Parent Videos

Standards Evolution

What do we want to see longterm (fall 2018):

  • Elementary
  • MS/HS

Where do we need to be next school year to achieve the longterm?


March 28, 2017 Implementers

Standards Evolution

  • Math
  • ELA
  • Using Flexible Curriculum
    • what instruction will be needed to get to mastery?
    • how is instruction going to be delivered?
    • what formative assessment will be used?
    • what will be used as final affirmation?

Learner Agency




February 22, 2017 Implementers

Update on Standards Evolution and Flexible Curriculum work: Curriculum Redesign

Update on Learner Agency

Flexible Grouping


Structural RebuildDec 6, 2016

Beresford Folder

What are your perceptions of what Customized Learning means?

Five Levers Book

Levers discussion

(PDF Reader for PDF Version) 

WBW Home

First look at Weight-bearing Wall process:
1) What could you do (different from current practice) if the WBW is no longer in the way?
2) Identify barriers that prevent you from doing this today.
3) What ways  could you reduce/eliminate barrier?

Work Plan Development

Parent Survey Sample