August 19, 2016

Stephanie Gross - Harrisburg High School

Higher Order Thinking


30 Strategies for Enhancing Higher Order Thinking

5 Tech-Friendly Lessons to Encourage Higher Order Thinking



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Introduction and discussion of Customized Learning

Introduction to CustomizedU


  • Customized Learning Summit - July 7th and 8th Spearfish
  • Curriculum Redesign - July 19-21 Harrisburg

Stephanie Gross - Harrisburg High School

Lori Schedules Her Learning Plan

Higher Order Thinking

Webb Leveling and Higher Order Thinking

Webbs doc

Webbs Planning Chart


Self-Assessment on Grading

5 Myths About Mastery-Based Learning

Rick Wormli - Defining Mastery

Action Plan Next Steps, such as:

  • Incorporate Student Self-Assessment
  • Examine Lessons and Assessments and Add Webb Level 3 and 4 when possible
  • Examine WHAT you are Grading - Knowledge or Behavior